30 Kutipan Terbaik Novel Normal People Karya Sally Rooney

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Fimela.com, Jakarta Novel dengan judul 'Normal People' merupakan karya yang ditulis oleh Sally Rooney. Kehadiran novel ini disambut baik olah banyak pihak hingga mendatangkan banyak penghargaan.

Dilansir dari website thebookerprizes.com. novel ini masuk dalam jajaran Booker Prize “Fiction” tahun 2018 bahkan menduduki puncak best seller di Irlandia, Inggris dan Amerika Serikat dengan penjualan mencapai 64.000 salinan pada 4 bulan pertama setelah perilisan.

Berkat kesuksesannya, Normal People sampai diadaptasi menjadi serial film sebanyak 12 episode di layanan streaming Hulu dan telah tayang sejak 26 April 2020. Alur ceritanya berkisah tentang sepasang kekasih bernama Marianne dan Connell yang bertemu di sekolah menengah, mereka berdua saling suka sampai akhirnya memutuskan menjalin sebuah hubungan spesial.

Sayangnya, hubungan cinta keduanya diwarnai oleh banyak masalah karena perbedaan-perbedaan yang muncul diantara mereka berdua. Pertikaian cinta dalam novel ini terkemas rapi dalam kutipan-kutipan cinta yang menarik dan sayang jika kamu lewatkan. Berikut 30 kutipan novel Normal People karya Sally Rooney yang telah Fimela.com rangkum dari beragam sumber:

Kutipan Novel Normal People Bagian I

Ilustrasi Membaca Novel Credit: pexels.com/free
Ilustrasi Membaca Novel Credit: pexels.com/free

1. “Marianne had the sense that her real life was happening somewhere very far away, happening without her, and she didn't know if she would ever find out where it was or become part of it.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

2. “It was culture as class performance, literature fetishised for its ability to take educated people on false emotional journeys, so that they might afterwards feel superior to the uneducated people whose emotional journeys they liked to read about.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

3. “No one can be independent of other people completely, so why not give up the attempt, she thought, go running in the other direction, depend on people for everything, allow them to depend on you, why not.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

4. “Generally I find men are a lot more concerned with limiting the freedoms of women than exercising personal freedom for themselves.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

5. “It's funny the decisions you make because you like someone, he says, and then your whole life is different. I think we're at that weird age where life can change a lot from small decisions.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

6. “If people appeared to behave pointlessly in grief, it was only because human life was pointless, and this was the truth that grief revealed.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

7. “It feels powerful to him to put an experience down in words, like he's trapping it in a jar and it can never fully leave him.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

8. “People are a lot more knowable than they think they are.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

9. “Being alone with her is like opening a door away from normal life and then closing it behind him.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

10. “the pleasure of being touched by great art’.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

Kutipan Novel Normal People Bagian II

Ilustrasi Membaca Novel Credit: pexels.com/Vivien
Ilustrasi Membaca Novel Credit: pexels.com/Vivien

11. “You learn nothing very profound about yourself simply by being bullied; but by bullying someone else you learn something you can never forget.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

12. “Their feelings were suppressed so carefully in everyday life, forced into smaller and smaller spaces, until seemingly minor events took on insane and frightening significance. It was permissible to touch each other and cry during football matches.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

13. “If she was different with Connell, the difference was not happening inside herself, in her personhood, but in between them, in the dynamic.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

14. “Lately he’s consumed by a sense that he is in fact two separate people, and soon he will have to choose which person to be on a full-time basis, and leave the other person behind.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

15. “She has never believed herself fit to be loved by any person. But now she has a new life, of which this is the first moment, and even after many years have passed she will still think: Yes, that was it, the beginning of my life.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

16. “... the snow keeps falling, like a ceaseless repetition of the same infinitesimally small mistake.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

17. “feeling a strange sense of nostalgia for a moment that was already in the process of happening.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

18. “The outside world touches against her outside skin, but not the other part of herself, inside.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

19. “And hopefully I have changed, you know, as a person. But honestly, if I have, it's because of you.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

20. “They’ve done a lot of good for each other. Really, she thinks, really. People can really change one another.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

Kutipan Novel Normal People Bagian III

Ilustrasi Membaca Novel Credit: pexels.com/Nong
Ilustrasi Membaca Novel Credit: pexels.com/Nong

21. “She tries to be a good person. But deep down she knows she is a bad person, corrupted, wrong, and all her efforts to be right, to have the right opinions, to say the right things, these efforts only disguise what is buried inside her, the evil part of herself.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

22. “You need to get straight in your mind what you think a good society would look like, said Marianne. And if you think people should be able to go to college and get English degrees, you shouldn't feel guilty for doing that yourself, because you have every right to.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

23. “That was it, people moved away, he moved away. Their life in Carricklea, which they had imbued with such drama and significance, just ended like that with no conclusion, and it would never be picked back up again, never in the same way.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

24. “He brought her goodness like a gift and now it belongs to her.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

25. “There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

26. “I think we’re at that weird age where life can change a lot from small decisions.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

27. “He feels ambivalent about this, as if it’s disloyal of him, because maybe he’s enjoying how she looks or some physical aspect of her closeness. He’s not sure what friends are allowed to enjoy about each other.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

28. “That’s the only part of himself he wants to protect, the part that exists inside her.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

29. “No. I was frustrated sometimes but not lonely. I never feel lonely when I'm with you.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

30. “So many things pass secretly between people anyway. What kind of person would he be if it happened now? Someone very different? Or exactly the same person, himself, with no difference at all.”― Sally Rooney, Normal People

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