6 Simple Tips to be Stress Free on Your Wedding Day

The last minute craziness and the hustle-bustle of the wedding preparations can not only put family members in a fix but also be completely stressing out for the bride. Well, since every bride wants her wedding to be beautifully perfect and harmonious, even the pettiest of issues can make her irritable. Dear brides, if this stress and tension of not being in the best mood becomes visible on your face, it can spoil your beautiful look and your wedding day pictures. To avoid this situation, here are some easy steps that would help you stay calm and stress free on your D-Day!
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Keep yourself hydrated

Whether you are getting married in the summers or in winters, you need to make sure that you do not get dehydrated. The pre-wedding functions can leave you with very low energy levels causing you to feel drained out. Having water, fresh fruit juices and coconut water throughout the day will not only keep you hydrated and full of energy but also make your skin glow. Also, studies have shown that there is a direct link between water and stress reduction.

Always have someone by your side

Being the bride, you cannot do each and every chore yourself. That would make you tired even before the wedding function starts. Some brides even get paranoid if they are not able to find something or get to somewhere, etc. Having a friend or a relative by your side 24x7 on the day of the wedding will keep you calm. You can tell that person whatever you need and desire and also you will have a companion by your side to even talk about your feelings.

Go for lighter wedding outfits

The very heavyweight lehengas or sarees that you plan to wear on your wedding day can also be a matter of concern. Wearing heavy clothing can sometimes make you feel very uncomfortable. The weight, the heat and the uneasiness you feel while moving around in them can be stressful. Lighter attires on the other hand that are accessorised well, leave you feeling happy and light throughout the affair.

Time management

Time management is not only a key for having a stress free marriage but a stress free life too! Delays in anything can be very nerve wrecking! So, make a list of what all you need to do on the day of the wedding right from the moment you wake up and allot time slots to each task. By doing so and following it well, you can manage to get some rest before you start dressing up. This way you will be on time for your parlour’s appointment and also reach the venue on time.

Be involved and informed about wedding preps from start

Don’t try to dictate your wishes to the wedding planners at the end moment. If things like decorations, the colour scheme of the table cloth and cutlery, which flowers are the jaimalas made of, etc. bothers you that much, be involved in the wedding preparations beforehand. Let your vendors know your likes and dislikes well in advance. Cribbing at the last moment will not only stress you out but will also put the wedding planners in a difficult situation?

Work on problem areas

Do you think your panditji is overbooked on the day of your wedding and might not be able to reach your wedding on time? Or has your caterer ordered a special cake that has to be assembled at the venue? Well, things left to the last minutes can cause stress later on. So, work on the problem areas beforehand. It is best to have each member of your family assigned to a different responsibility so that you can cover all areas cleverly.
Your wedding day is the biggest and happiest day of your life. Use these tips to stay and feel stress free on your D-day!

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