8 Things You Can Borrow From Your Mother for Your Wedding

Marriage is a beautiful thing that introduces a person to a world of new beginnings, but new beginnings also herald the end of the sweetness of the past. The times spent just lazing around with your mother, helping her in the kitchen, talking your heart out and then crying on her shoulder-if only, we could preserve these beautiful memories as we step into our 'new life'!

Dedicate your wedding to the one who dedicated her entire life to you-your mother and make it much more special (and look more beautiful) by borrowing these 8 invaluable things from her.

Vintage clutch

Every bride needs a clutch on her wedding day. Where will you put all those small (and perhaps more special) gifts and yes money too, if not in a bag? And why is vintage considered special? This is something that does not need any explanation. Give your wedding look the vintage feel by borrowing the bag that your mother used on her wedding.  Sweet!


The necklace that you borrow from your mum need not be the 'Pushtaini haar' but something pretty that you always wanted to own.  Just ask for it, she will not refuse.

Wedding Dress

Do you go crazy each time you see your mother's wedding dress? Well, now that it is time for you to get married, why not ask your mother for it? Be sure you do it with time in hand; you might need some alterations and changes to make it look WOW and chic again. Just like that, did you know Angelina Jolie will be donning her mother's wedding gown for her wedding?


No, not your mother's wedding ring. A beautiful ring that your mother has could be a wonderful addition to your wedding look.

Make up

Bring some pop into your wedding outfit, by wearing a beautiful red lipstick. How about borrowing it from your mum (bet, every mum has one!). And, because she has used it before, it is replete with lots of TLC.  Most girls would tag putting their mothers make up on as little girls as one of the fondest memories of childhood. And now, when it is actually time to get some make up on your face, wouldn't it be nice if you could get your hands on your mother's kit, again, but make sure this time you get a professional to get your make up done.

P.S-This does not mean that you have to slather everything that's in the make-up kit. But, there could be some special things which you can definitely make use of.

Wrist Watch

In all the mad rush of getting everything right for D-Day, many would be brides forget the most basic accessories. But, there is someone who you can turn to even at the eleventh hour-your mother.  And anyways, who says you cannot wear your mother's wrist watch on your wedding.

Bangles and Bracelets

Every mother has a special piece of jewellery that daughters cherish throughout their childhood. And if it is a bracelet it could turn out to be extremely useful for you. A beautiful bracelet can add a lot of grace to your wedding outfit.


A popular bride must-have, anklets are famous for adding that mellifluous feel to the wedding dress. These dainty pieces of jewellery that adorn the feet, though not apparently visible are certainly very important to a bride. If your mum has a beautiful pair of anklets, you can certainly do without buying a new pair for yourself.

Well, you may not exactly have the "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" but what you'll have would be even more special. And who needs lucky charms, when you have your mother's love (or lovely accessories) to adorn your wedding look.  Look your ravishing best on the most important day of your life by incorporating these 8 things from your mother's wardrobe. And, when you step onto the anvil, with the happiest-bride-in-the-world-smile, don't forget to thank your mother.


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