Lirik Lagu Flower In The Desert - Dewa 19

·Bacaan 1 menit, Jakarta- Why

You always have something nice to say

Makes me sway..

And why..does my heart keep beatin fast

When you


Kiss my lips when all the sugar has gone

I don't know how

But you make everything

Feels like the very first time


Can make a man like me

Fallin' in love again

Though loving you is breaking all the rules


Tell me what to do

You are


You are my flower in a desert

That's what you are

Flower in a desert

That's what you are

You brings me joy and happiness

When I'm all alone


Could you always make me feel the same

I love your way

Though I should have known

This is just a game we play

Hey smiling face.. Have you ever really loved a man..till you

Sway or have you just been taking all these things for granted

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