Lirik Lagu Glad All is Over - Anthem Crystal Palace, Jakarta Ain't no doubt about it

This must be love

One little kiss from you

And I feel glad all over

Oo baby, hot dang gilly

It's silly

But I'm glad all over


Yeah the goosepimples baby

"Cause I feel so good

When you call me like you do

And I feel glad all over

Oo mercy, I'm rock gone puppy

And I'm happy

And I'm glad all over


Yout touch sewed me

Like an electric wire

Never thought of make love

It don't what I've got

But it show, yes it shows

Come on honey Bonnie

Give me one more time

Every tim you od

Well I feel glad all over

Ooo baby, hot gang billy

It's silly

But I.m glad all over



Tried to tell you

How I'm cooking inside

When we're cheek to cheek

My temperature