Mars is littered with 15,694 pounds of human trash from 50 years of robotic exploration

pPeople have been exploring the surface of Mars for a href=""over 50 years/a. According to the a href=""United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs/a, nations have sent a href=",%22value%22:%22*mars*%22%7D%5D,%22sortings%22:%5B%7B%22fieldName%22:%22object.launch.dateOfLaunch_s1%22,%22dir%22:%22desc%22%7D%5D,%22match%22:%22%22,%22termMatch%22:%22mars%22%7D"18 human-made objects to Mars/a over 14 separate missions. Many of these missions are still ongoing, but over the decades of Martian exploration, humankind has left behind many pieces of debris on the planet’s surface./p pI am a a href=";hl=enamp;oi=ao"postdoctoral research fellow/a who studies ways to track Mars and Moon rovers. In mid-August 2022, NASA confirmed that the Mars rover Perseverance had spotted a piece of trash jettisoned during its landing, this time a tangled mess of netting. And this is not the first time scientists have found trash on Mars. That’s because there is a lot there. /p